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Promo Video is a London based video production company specializing in high quality promotional videos and films for both corporate and entertainment. We aim to communicate your message or brand, clearly and artistically in short, succinct videos. Our typical corporate video production work includes conferences, events, brand videos, product videos and training videos. We also have a background in music and music video production which can add a slick, modern feel to your corporate video production. Call or email now for a free consultation, quotes or more info.
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Corporate Video : Promotional Video (showreels)

We film and produce videos for many types of corporate events and purposes and are considered  to  be  professional,  creative,
flexible and friendly to work with. If you are interested in commissioning a promotional video or any type of corporate video, please take a look at our corporate video London showreel or browse the articles in the Promo Video blog.

Music videos : Performance and Event Video


Music Video and Performance Showreel

A good percentage of our work and creative output comes in the form of performance promotional videos, music videos and films that capture festivals and special events. If you’re a music, theatre or performance orientated enquirer, you might like to take a look at some of our previous work in this area.


Promo Video is centred around Ian Burke, a professional videographer with over ten years experience in the field and a passion for film making. A Master Member of the Institute of Videography (IOV), Ian’s background is as a musician, particularly in producing and composing music for film and video. The small size of this video production company can create a versatile and flexible working relationship with clients.

Video production and video marketing Blog

For an overview of why video is such a powerful medium and tool in business, communication and marketing, take a look at my articles in the right sidebar How to commission a Promo Video or corporate video for information on starting the video production process Why use corporate video for an overview of how video can be used in business and marketing and how to get started. What makes a good online video including video production values, video content, performance of the participants, video marketing considerations. Tips on publishing and distributing online videos. Different approaches to uploading video content and places to put the video to achieve best results Video advertising. What is the optimum length for an online video? Basics of online video advertising and some statistics on the ideal length for promotional videos How to optimize video for youtube Optimize video for youtube and rank well in search engines // ]]> // ]]>