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Promo Video is a London based corporate video production company. We offer engaging and effective corporate films and promotional video, quickly and efficiently. Helping people communicate and spread awareness since 2006. We produce solid, creative work helping companies grow and provide value.

We love to offer advice and cost effective options whether you are dipping your toes into video production or a seasoned veteran. Contact us for advice and quotes and check out our gallery of showreels below.

Promo Video is a London based corporate video production company. Since 2006 we’ve been producing high quality promotional videos and films for businesses, brands, events, charities, theatre and music. Although we love the filmic creativity our emphasis is on providing solid, unpretentious video production tailored to the success of your project be it marketing, training or communication. Our speciality is for short, succinct promotional videos though we also produce long form content such as multi camera seminars and conferences, informational films and documentaries.

.We aim to make people look good and come across as natural and eloquent. Our long background in music helps create promotional videos that are fresh, powerful and effective.

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The Promo Video mission statement
The promo video ethos is about providing value. Whether in giving advice from our experience and expertise or giving cost-effective options to clients and enquiriers about their video production needs. Obviously, we want to run a successful video production company but we also want for a better world. Video plays a big part in this with creative and effective communication. It also encourages a marketing paradigm of providing value for the audience rather than pushy advertising. This is the heart of content marketing.

How to make best use of your marketing budget
If your interest is in marketing you will be well aware of the importance of online video. A well produced flagship promotional video is the best window into your organisation establishing the brand and creating a direct connection with your audience. There is also lots of other video content that may be cheaper to produce and can be released to your audience over time creating a long-term video strategy. Interviews with industry experts, discussion events, industry news. Content that provides real value to your industry and implicitly places your company or organisation as a knowledgeable authority. With some planning you can make your marketing budget go a long way and capture valuable video content from many sources such as corporate events and functions. At corporate events we remain unobtrusive though capture all of the important moments, interviews and vox pops, professionally and efficiently. Contact us for ideas and advice on producing cost effective video production content that provides real value to your audience.

360 Video and VR Production
We are currently launching a new website dedicated to virtual reality and 360 video VR productions. This technology is set to hit the mainstream this year (2016) with the release of Oculus Rift and other VR headsets. Youtube is already showing 360 content viewable through the £10 google cardboard. We believe this will be a game changer for corporate video production in marketing and training. It’s still unsure how this will fit into the corporate world though we’re researching how companies can take advantage of this new technology.

Video Production and Video Marketing Blog
Video is such a powerful medium and tool in business, communication and marketing. Our blog is a collection of articles on the current trends in video production and video marketing. We try to write content that might give you ideas on how you can use video to grow your business or organisation. For  an overview of content marketing and how video has become a major component, have a look at Video Production : the future of Internet marketing?. For insights into how other companies are using video in their marketing have a look at How are companies using video for marketing?
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