Promo Video have been making promotional videos, corporate videos and music videos since 2006. It is a team of video and media professionals centred around Ian Burke, a videographer and producer/director with 15 years experience in the field and a passion for film making. A Master Member of the Institute of Videography (IOV), Ian’s background is as a musician, particularly in producing and composing music for film and video. This has instilled a passion for the way music works with the moving image and gives his work a distinctively musical edge.

We also have other camera operators, editors, and animators so we are able to tackle many different styles of project and give a quick turnaround time to clients. Our speciality is for short, concise promotional videos though we also produce long form content such as multi camera conference presentations, informational films and documentaries. Over the years, video production has provided an amazing avenue for creative output but also offers fascinating glimpses into the diverse spectrum of industries and organisations that make up the modern world.

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