How to commission a Promo Video or corporate video

Promo Video I’ve been running the London video production company PROMO VIDEO for the past eight years and have dealt with many enquiries from people wanting to commission a corporate video. This article is an attempt to demystify the video production process and outline the steps for you in commissioning promo videos and corporate videos.… Continue Reading

Youtube Optimization tips and how to rank video in search engines

This article deals with ways of achieving a high ranking in the youtube, the second largest search engine next to google, and as a result, a high ranking in google itself. Google bought youtube in 2008 and ranks youtube videos highly in it’s own search results. Universal (blended) search refers to the idea that search… Continue Reading

PROMO VIDEO : Why use promotional and corporate video?

Corporate video is a collective term to describe a video production used as a business tool rather than for entertainment purposes. There are many uses and benefits of video and they usually fall into 2 camps. 1. Training and information videos which are usually distributed within an organization either by DVD, online or an internal… Continue Reading

What makes a good online video production

A good online video can be broken into 3 components 1/ Video production values 2/ Content, performance, storytelling 3/ Marketing considerations such as call to action and linking The first 2 are applicable to all online video including information and training video while the third is more relevant to advertising and promotional videos. Video production… Continue Reading

Tips on publishing and distributing online videos

How to best upload video to the internet The 2 main options for uploading a video onto the internet are 1/ uploading directly to a website in one of the several common video formats, (flv,h264,wmv, etc..) 2/ uploading to youtube and/or the other video sharing sites. (the video can be subsequently embedded in a website,… Continue Reading