Corporate event video

Conference Videos and Corporate Events

Much of our work involves filming and video production for conferences, training sessions and corporate events. We typically film presentations, seminars and keynotes with multiple camera setups to include speaker, slides and audience questions. These are then edited together into a full production recreating the atmosphere and detail of the presentation. We also film interviews and testimonials at corporate events which can be packaged as standalone videos or used as part of a promotional video that can promote future events. This is a show reel of some of our recent corporate event work.
Below are some case studies showing examples and working processes for some of our regular clients.

Case study 1 – Performance marketing insights conference

Performance marketing insights is a leading industry conference in London and Berlin that we’ve been  producing video content for over the past 9 years. This case study is an example of how video production can provide content to promote an event and add value to an industry. The event runs over 2 days and we film all of the key highlights including registration, networking sessions, presentations, stands, sponsors, networking parties.
We also interview key members of the industry, sponsors and speakers to give some insight of current trends within the industry and testimonials about the event. All this material is then edited into a short video that is used to promote the event for the following year and contributes to the continuing growth of both the event and the industry.  Some of the interviews are also repackaged in their entirety and used on the event website and social media. The keynote sessions are filmed with multiple cameras and edited into standalone videos.

Case study 2 – National Outsourcing Association (NOA) – Now rebranded to GSA

The NOA is the leading association serving outsourcing professionals and the global outsourcing industry. The organisation is undergoing rapid growth amid global expansion in the world of outsourcing and robotics automation.  We been producing videos for the NOA over the past couple of years. We’ve produced promotional videos for their annual symposium twice, an awards ceremony, and videos for several seminars, roundtable discussion events and live pitching sessions. At each of these events we film multi camera shoots of the plenary sessions, exhibitors stands, networking breaks and other highlights. We also film interviews with industry experts which we package into standalone videos. This content is then included in their annual yearbook, a 100+ page online document containing important information and trends within the outsourcing industry.


Case study 3 – Speakers Corner – Knowledge Guild

Speakers corner, the agency for public speakers and performers organise many TEDTalk style events for the public and professionals in the event industry as a means to showcase their talent. The Knowledge Guild is such an event focusing on technology and design and including key speakers from some of the leading companies such as Google. We’ve filmed 2 such events for the company along with a promotional videos for a newly launched showcase of comedy talent. In each event we filmed with multiple cameras and produced a highlight video along with a series of supplementary videos based on interviews with the speakers.


Case Study 4 – One Question


This is a new event which launched in October 2016. We were particularly keen to get involved in this as it’s a particular area of interest which we feel is of great importance in the coming years. The question addressed at the conference was ‘how do we successfully marry technology and humanity’. The question was then explored by a brilliant collection of speakers from a variety of perspectives such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, art, music, media, agencies and marketing. We filmed all of the talks with multiple cameras along with interviews from the speakers and networking sessions. The result was a three minute video giving a flavour of the event and a summary of the differing perspectives.