Promotional Videos the name suggests, promotional video is our main service. We can help companies, organisations, brands and performers with marketing, publicity, selling and spreading awareness. A promotional video can be a window into the heart of the organisation creating trust and personality. Though this is usually the first step for a company starting a video presence online there are many ways video can be used as part of a long term marketing strategy. Promotional videos come in a variety of lengths and are used across multiple platforms. The shortest promo we’ve made to date has been a 15 second product video for instagram and the longest top out at around 5 minutes. 2-3 minutes seems to be the best balance between including enough compelling content and creating a concise impactful marketing tool to incite the viewer to take action. Below are some case studies of promotional videos we’ve made for clients s over the years beginning with a showreel. For more information tailored to your specific project and free no obligation quotes please contact us.

Promotional video production showreel

First is a showreel of some of our promotional video production work. Below are a few case studies for the promotional, marketing and publicity videos we’ve made for previous clients,

Promotional Videos for the UK Taekwando team

After the 2012 Olympics we were commissioned by sports PR agency ‘Fast Track’ to produce videos about the UK taekwondo team who’s Jade Jones won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. We filmed the team training at their headquarters in Manchester and interviewed key members. We produced a compilation video of the team and videos profiling each team member which were then released on social media. Some of the team members have large twitter followings so the videos were well received. The purpose of the promotional videos was to support the ‘fighting chance’ a talent spotting initiative to turn martial arts fighters into potential Olympic athletes for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Promotional Video for Pro Backs Clinic

Proback Clinics is a private practice of chiropractors and osteopaths who mix traditional holistic therapy with the latest in technology to aid the treatment of spine conditions. We produced a video giving an overview of the practice and also including testimonials from patients. We also produced a video concentrating more on the technology involved in the treatment. The videos were used on the website to give patients an overview of the treatment and also to promote confidence in the practice. We also packaged the testimonial interviews as standalone videos to be used in the testimonial page of the website.

Promotional Videos for Military and Salvation Army Brass Bands

In 2015 we were commissioned to make 2 promotional videos to promote a joint concert of 2 well known marching brass bands. the the Kings military band and the he household troops Salvation Army band. For each, we spent a day filming the band rehearsing, marching and performing. We also interviewed key members of the bands about the history and the upcoming concert. Each video had several thousand views on Facebook and contributed to the concert selling out well in advance. We then re-edited the videos so they could be used by each band for their own promotional purposes.