Corporate Event Video

Corporate events can be an opportunity for celebration, learning, sharing knowledge and networking. They can also be a gold mine of potential video content that can be used for marketing, training and giving value back to the industry. This page is an overview of the video production services we’ve been offering to clients over the past decade or so to maybe give you some ideas. The video gallery above includes our corporate event showreel along with examples of promotional videos we have produced for previous corporate events.

The Promotional Video

This is usually the most pressing need for video production at conferences and corporate events. It can be a way of recording and celebrating the actual event as well as promoting future events. Marketing videos of this sort typically have a running time of between 90 seconds and 5 minutes. Events where the audience includes the wider public are often best kept fairly short though more niche events within specific industries can sustain a longer running time and include more detailed  industry insights, clips from seminars, and testimonials. Each event is different though capturing the overall highlights often include

…registration, networking, lunch, sponsor stands, clips from seminars, questions and audience reactions, interviews with speakers and industry experts and testimonials from delegates on their reaction to the event. 

We typically use music to create an impactful intro to the video and pepper it through out where appropriate. Promotional videos that don’t include interviews or voice-over usually have a music backdrop throughout often with text on screen and motion graphics to communicate the necessary information.

We usually can get a rough edit to you within the first week after the shoot. We then make any amendments based on your feedback. The final edit can be in any format you wish though we usually provide a download link for a HD file optimised for YouTube or Vimeo. This can be then embedded into your website.

Filming of Seminars and Presentations

We can film specific seminars such as keynotes and plenary sessions or every session throughout the conference. This can vary from just a single camera to a multi camera shoot including close-ups on the speaker and screen and a camera on the audience questions and reactions. We try to capture the best quality sound preferably by taking a sound feed from the mixing desk. If this is not possible we will set up our own microphones. These seminar videos can be used in their entirety or edited down into shorter sections.

Video Interviews with speakers and industry experts

Sound bites from these interviews often form the basis of promotional videos. However, there is often a lot more valuable content here than that which makes it into the highlights. A more comprehensive version of the interview can be packaged as a standalone video for use on websites and social media as a valuable source of content marketing. The interview videos can be just a talking head or can be intercut with footage from the conference to create a more comprehensive video. This type of content can be use for website FAQ videos, part of an annual yearbook or simply a way of giving value to the industry fed out gradually over social media.

Live streaming

We can provide various forms of live streaming. There may be times when you need to display the content of a seminar on other screens throughout the venue. This may be due to space restrictions and overspilling into extra rooms or simply to project a close-up of the speaker onto other screens in the same room for ease of viewing by the audience. You may also need to broadcast a live stream of the events over the internet allowing delegates not present to view the seminars and give live feedback and questions.