Graffiti Classics : Promotional Video

Promotional video for the musical Cabaret act Graffiti Classics

Promo Video is a London video production company helping organizations and music/theatre/performance acts to produce promotional videos to advertise and raise brand awareness.

This is a promo video we made for the comedy string quartet ‘Graffiti Classics’ which won an award in the music video category of the 2011 IOV awards (institute of videography) They perform with a high degree of musicianship and make classical music accessible by incorporating theatre and comedy. They have been performing as a group for well over a decade and have incorporated many members through their history. I first met these musicians in 2008 whilst making a documentary about the Covent Garden street performers and their fight to save music and street theatre from an encroaching corporate takeover. In January 2012 I made a wedding film for the founding member of Graffiti Classics that including group performances from many of the former members of the band.

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