Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, animation and infographics can be an illustrative and elegant addition to a video production or form the basis of explainer videos and other forms of promotional video.

Process for Motion Graphics/ Animation

Motion Graphics/ Animation can be a great way to communicate and explain with visual flare and humour. If you are interested in using Motion Graphics have a read of the following which outlines the process we follow, some things to think about, and cost.


  • Firstly you will need to decide what you want to say, and how you want to say it.
    You might want an explainer video/videos to say what you do and what you’re about, your particular USPs, an aspect of your business you’d like to draw attention to and so on. There may be a particular style you have in mind that you would like to use, or we can help by suggesting styles that might be right for you. You may have branding guidelines; colours and fonts etc. that you wish us to use.
    (Have a look at our showreel for inspiration!)


  • In consultation with you we will produce a script for VO (if applicable) and/ or visual descriptions of what you will see.


  • Once the script has been approved and signed off we will go onto the next stage which will be to provide an animatic (like a storyboard but in video format) which will include VO, Sound Effects suggested music and give you a good idea of what the visuals will look like although it will not be animated yet.

Once the animatic has been signed off we will produce the animated video, after which there will still be an opportunity for you to ask for tweaks and adjustments.