Music Video Production

The early days of promo video was very much about Music video production. The founder, ian Burke was a musician and music composer/producer for many years and specialised in composing music for film and video. We still love to help musicians and bands with their promotional material. This can come in the form of multi camera filming of live gigs, studio sessions and concept videos.

We produce music videos for artists, bands and solo acts and work with pop/folk, cabaret and classical music. The easiest option is to film in a studio or live space and play along to a prerecorded track. We can then film multiple takes and keep the video in sync with the music. For live music recordings it is usually better to film fewer takes with multiple cameras as the timing of each take will be slightly different. Promotional videos for function bands can often work best as a montage of clips from several tracks to demonstrate the variety. A mixture of studio filming and live gig footage can also work well to show audience reactions and give agents/bookers a feel of the band in action.

Other ideas for music promos, can include a more documentary style approach, involving behind the scenes footage, interviews with band members and audience vox pops.