Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production London is the core of our work. As the name ‘Promo Video’ suggests, we produce short, high impact videos that promote events, products and services but we also make longer form productions. Documentary style pieces that tell stories of organisations for public awareness or internal communication, Multi camera filming of conferences and corporate events and Educational and training videos.
We are London based and much of work is in the capital though we’re also available to travel throughout the UK and abroad.  Promotional and Corporate Video production.

Video can be the most powerful way of communicating a message and can be a valuable and cost effective tool in many organizations. We can provide affordable and quality productions in a variety of areas as well as help businesses take advantage of the current boom in video marketing by developing an online video presence and suggestions on how how to distribute the video on the internet. Our experience includes promotional and training/induction videos, event and conference coverage, internal company communication and motivation, product launch/demonstrations, customer testimonials, health and safety guides.

A promotional video for a product, service or organization can include video testimonials, powerpoint displays, images, interviews etc…and be delivered as an interactive DVD and web video in any of the main formats. As well as inclusion on a website, it can be part of a video podcast or internet TV channel.

Filming / editing of conferences, seminars and interviews for internal or external distribution via DVD (European Pal and USA/Asian Ntsc formats) or website inclusion. Sound and microphone systems can also be arranged for live events.

Training video

Training videos provide an excellent way of demonstrating the running of an organization for the benefit of new recruits, funding, education etc…The video might consist of interviews of present members of the organization intercut with live footage and graphics demonstrating the various elements and processes involved.

Training DVD’s and Special Interest Videos for commercial sale to the general public are offered as a bespoke service.

Some corporate events and internal films are information sensitive and we absolutely respect this with non disclosure of all material.