Event Filming

We film many types of events.
• Corporate events such as conferences, awards ceremonies, seminars, training sessions, networking events and parties
• Sporting events
• Personal/life events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries

For many events, we film with multiple cameras. For conferences, seminars, presentions etc.., we would recommend 3 or 4 cameras. 1 camera taking a close up on the speaker, another on the whole stage including speaker plus the screen and another on the audience to film the any questions and audience reactions. An optional 4th camera can film a closeup on the screen to get maximum legibility on the slides. These different camera angles can then be edited together to make a comprehensive and engaging video production.

Corporate events also provide opportunity to gather other types of video content such as interviews and testimonials. These can help tell the story of the event and provide a background for a promotional video. They can also be packaged as informative standalone video interviews providing a valuable takeaway for delegates and enticing demo material for prospective attendees.